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    Producers and DJs from all over South Africa gathered in Cape Town for the first stop of the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 2011. Overseen by acclaimed DJs/producers and experienced sound system builders K-Aze (formerly known as Lemon-D) & Dillinja, the participants built the Red Bull Soundsystem. After three days of building and workshops, everything culminated in a three-day electronic music festival. Check out the highlights in this video.. View video
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    This summer sees new music from the innovative 'BASS MAESTRO!!' and maverick producer ' DILLINJA' . Currently completing a forthcoming four track e.p he's been going in hard for the last 36 months reworking, tweaking and producing his own live drum loops/breakbeats to produce that unique ' Valve ' drum sound. If you have caught any of his D.J sets over the last 12 months then you will have been privy to the forthcoming tracks he's been working on. He's also producing a single for a label outside the Valve Recordings stable and we will be giving you a heads up real soon on release dates and online download links.
  • Catchfire

    A new project on horizon is about to drop this summer. 'CATCHFIRE' is a production collaboration between K-AZE and SHAWN T. Click to read more

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    It's been 12 months since putting out a sampler online but the official e.p. is about to drop and it's a free download courtesy of K-AZE and VALVE RECORDINGS. Fusing together a multitude of genres (together something Kevin (K-AZE) has been preaching for some years) the e.p features the vocal talents of singer songwriter ABBEE PULE aka 'ABBEE AUDIO' and also K-AZE's new protege producer ' SHAWN T'. The artwork also features a cameo of the infamous pornstar  ' Belladonna ' . . . The first instalment will be available in next few weeks via our Souncloud page. The download will be limited to only 1000. www.k-aze.com

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It's that time again ! We will be producing thse sort after Valve limited edition t-shirts for spring 2014. Those who purchase them know we only produce them approx every 4-5 years and they come in very limited colourways in each size. In addition to our t-shirts Valve hoodies and sweatshirts will be available too.

Forthcoming Releases

Early 2014 bring our fans some free downloads and a new DILLINJA album on the horizon. Read more...



    We have two competitions for the event at Leed Uninversity on the 1st March 2014. There are some great prizes up for grabs ! Go to the NEWS section and check out what is up for offer ! Merry Xmas !
  • Dillinja - So Hard

    This track was on a limited download via our soundcloud page. All downloads have expired and this offer will end in Jan 2014. Join our members area and Sign up to receive this today !

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@DubmanAdzy We are all in the Lab these past months - not focusing too much on VSSystem shows but keep look out for Autumn in BRIZZY ! ;)